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Sizing Made Easy: Carlos Santos Shoes

Carlos Santos Shoes are some of the Best Dress Shoes you can buy in terms of quality, design, looks and value.

According to feedback and years of experience, they also provide a great fitting experience with good arch support and generous widths or instep.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about the fitting of Carlos Santos Shoes and how to get the correct sizing advice.

Luckily, The Noble Shoe is the World's foremost authority when it comes to finding the right size in multiple brands including Carlos Santos Shoes.

In this Guide, we are going to talk about the most popular, commonly encountered Carlos Santos Lasts.

For reference, we will be using a person with normal feet (D Width) and a UK 8 (US 9D) as a benchmark for each Last.

Last 234 Sizing

Last 234 of Carlos Santos is a wonderfully balanced last, ideal for more casual shoes such as derbies and jumper boots.

It has a generous instep and width with plenty of toe space due to its shape.

The 234 is a gentle blend of a medium round and slight almond last, leaning towards the latter.

I recommend you size down half from your regular UK Dress Shoe Size.

Size Recommendation: UK 7.5

Last 316 Sizing

The 316 Last is yet another wonderfully balanced shape ideal for casual boots.

Specifically, Field Boots in the classic "Galway" Design look fabulous and elegant while allowing flexibility of wear in multiple scenarios.

Last 316 is actually one of the widest Lasts in the Carlos Santos Shoes family.

Not very elongated, it has a generous instep and widest point, which is something you will see often in this guide.

The shape is more of a medium round toe with a gentle curve at the front.

Size Recommendation: UK 7.5

Last 333 Sizing

Some people prefer a truly round Last shape and that is the 333.

A classic, round last perfect for casual bluchers or chunkier, casual boots.

Quite straightforward, it has a normal profile and a tasteful round toe with some added curves at the waist line.

The 333 Last has a rather normal instep, but a wider fit so a half-size down is recommended.

Size Recommendation: UK 7.5

Last 362 Sizing

The 362 is the premiere Loafer Last of Carlos Santos.

Best for classic penny loafers with a gentle almond shape, it is the one you will find on the model 9176 in the Patina Service.

While not exceptionally elongated or wide, it is imperative to get a good snug fit on loafers.

The 362 has a rather normal instep and slightly wider width, however you will often wear loafers with thin socks, no-show socks or in some cases no socks at all.

I recommend going half a size down here as well.

Size Recommendation: UK 7.5

Last 387/389 Sizing

One of the best looking lasts of Carlos Santos are the 387 and 389.

They are separate Lasts but virtually indistinguishable with the only difference being a slight width adjustment and curvature on the tip.

Specifically, for a small amount of people the 387 has a tiny bit more space on the widest point, but not enough to warrant sizing down.

Both have an elongated shape with a beautiful soft square shape further accentuated by the outsole finishing.

A very formal type of shoe or an industry disrupting "aggressive" boot design is the perfect receiver for these lasts. For most, this will be the ideal Oxford Shoe shape.

With a rather normal instep and width, I recommend your usual Dress Shoe Size.

Size Recommendation: UK 8

Last 397 Sizing

Last 397 is the widest Last I have encountered by Carlos Santos.

It is a rather casual rounder Last with a bit more chiseled features and seems more catered for those having a wider foot.

Generous instep and a rather wide width, it's definitely one to size down for.

Currently, the 397 is encountered only in the Patina Service and model 9381.

Size Recommendation: UK 7.5

Last 401 Sizing

Last 401 is THE definitive Carlos Santos shape.

A perfectly balanced, curved and chiseled almond shape that adds finesse and elegance to almost any model.

It has also exceptional fitting feedback from most people.

A Last with a wider width, elongated shape and generous instep that definitely needs half a size down.

Many of the Carlos Santos Shoes at The Noble Shoe sport the 401 as it is very attractive.

If you have a flat, "pancake" foot or a very wide heel you might encounter some gaping at the ankle point which is normal and not a shoe issue.

Size Recommendation: UK 7.5

Last 445 Sizing

Probably the most balanced and best selling Last of Carlos Santos is the 445.

Strikingly resembling the Edward Green 82 Last, the 445 is regarded as an elegant, well-fitting form.

A balanced blend of medium round and almond shapes without the exaggerated elongated profile and perfect for all kinds of shoes.

Whether you want to add sophistication to a pair of boots or the ultimate Black Oxfords.

Size Recommendation: UK 7.5

Last 453 Sizing

A rather rare Last to encounter is the 453.

It was a part of some Patina Service items with a round shape and comfortable fitting.

A very casual last that will fit true to size for most people.

Size Recommendation: UK 8

Last 462 Sizing

Last 462 is a rather new last and another take on the soft square elegant shapes of Southern Europe.

Chiseled and sharp with an elongated shape and great fitting it can transform a pair of shoes from normal to eye-catching.

While we don't currently stock Carlos Santos Shoes on the 462 Last, we often bring Group Made To Orders that use it.

I recommend taking your regular UK sizing.

Size Recommendation: UK 8

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