About Us

Hi and welcome to The Noble Shoe! A small business that aims to become the best destination for high quality men's shoes.

Quality Shoes are an investment for the future. When you buy a welted shoe and take good care of it, it will last for decades. Due to the construction, you can resole them endless times. Imagine the proud moment when you can pass a pair of shoes to your son in 20 years and they still look fantastic. What a memory.

This is the mentality we try to promote here. Like it or not, people judge as about everything, including our shoes. They will convey the correct message you want to send, or the wrong one. Let us help you in this journey of becoming the best version of yourself.

Making A Selection

Based in Stockholm, Sweden we are an online store selling welted shoes and premium luxury belts. We have a great partnership with master shoemaker Carlos Santos and currently offer one of the largest ranges of styles. All of our Carlos Santos Shoes are Goodyear Welted.

From the Premium Handgrade Adelaide Oxford, to the Kudu Jumper Boot and the unusual Green Chukkas, we have a selection that will suit every personality and style while providing comfort and good fit.

If you are unable to find the style you want or have trouble with fit, why don't you try our exclusive MTM partnership with ZEB Shoes? They will create a unique pair of shoes to your specifications on a modified last and any type of leather you want.

Company Details

The Noble Shoe International AB is registered under the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket) and the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) as a Limited Company (Aktiebolag) with a VAT Number SE559101249601. All default transactions will be in Euros (EUR) and conversions are estimates only and might fluctuate slightly due to the exchange rates. However, you can use the currency converter to checkout and pay in your own currency (major ones supported!).

The Noble Shoe International AB registration address is:

Heliosgatan 13, 1st Floor, Office 6
120 78, Stockholm

Customer Focused

The Noble Shoe prides itself in its customer focused approach. We are here to help you with fit questions, details about each item or any query you might have. We started this shop because we were shoe enthusiasts and customers, just like you!

For more information you are welcome to reach us by email, phone or Social Media:

Best Regards,
Kostas Mandilaris