Carlos Santos Patina Belts


Your Trouser's Best Friend

Your belt is your trouser's best friend. It keeps them in place while at the same time looking elegant and professional. For more formal outfits, it is an excellent idea to match your belt to your shoe color.

Carlos Santos is famous for the Hand-Painted Patinas on their shoes. The Noble Shoe now offers Patina Belts in all 19 colors that you can select through the Patina Service in lengths ranging from 85 - 115 cm. Read further down for sizing advice.

    Important! Belts usually take a few weeks to arrive!


    The leather has a unique smell and the belts have a high lustrous shine. This creates a harmony between your lower and upper outfit. Of course, it is Premium Calfskin from the finest tanneries. The Hand-Painting is excellent with natural nuances along the skin and the beautiful "irregularities" of a Patina.

    Finding The Correct Size

    Don't worry, choosing a belt is easy and takes just a minute. Follow these instructions:

    • Find your best fitting belt
    • Lay it flat on a surface
    • Measure with a measuring tape from the edge of the buckle until the third hole (if you are uncertain look at the measuring picture on this page)
    • Select the belt closest to your size in cm

    That's it!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Stephen S.
    Looks great, but wrong size on one of them!

    I ordered 4 shoes with 4 matching belts. Everything 'looked' great, unfortunately of the four belts, all were the right size except the blue/norte one. (Not sure what size it is because only one of the four belts has a possible size written on it (95? see pics) Sadly, the blue one was the one I was looking forward to the most (along with the blue shoes and a blue watch band I bought elsewhere). Now as I read their return policy, It appears I have to pay to ship the belt back because of... somebody else's mistake??? Hopefully, especially since I ordered just over $1,500.00 US of goods, they will contact me and make this right. (ie. send me the right size Norte/blue belt that matches the other's length, along with a prepaid box to return the larger one) Otherwise, the construction and look of these belts is very good and upon the correction of this error, I will edit this review and the rating to 5 stars! (Thank you Kostas for the handwritten note that came with my order :)

    I appreciate your honest review Stephen. As I wrote in my email, If you wanted to go through the process of the exchange and waiting, I would have been more than happy to change your belt even as a custom item as it was their fault or my overlook.

    Perfect belt to match your CS patina

    Available in all matching patinas, anyone purchasing shoes from Carlos Santos should definitely look into investing into a matching belt. The quality is great, and the second 'ring' is adjustable, which is a nice detail for all the minimalists out there looking for perfection. These can be used as great essentials building up your wardrobe to replace those tacky ugly belts many men are seen wearing.
    It is true that you can get belts for much cheaper, but the quality will definitely be noticeable. As usual, CS has the perfect balance between quality and price.

    Steven Martin
    Great Shoes and Advice

    I was a bit unsure of fit but after speaking with Kostas I pulled the trigger and am very please that they fit very well. They look as nice in real life than in the photos. The matching belt is great too. I would be happy to shop from Kostas in the future.

    Jeff Sohikian
    The Carlos Santos Patina Belts

    I recently purchased 2 Carlos Santos Patina Belts. One in Coimbra and one in Alintejo. Both are rich and beautiful in color and of course go perfectly with my Carlos Santos Chukka Boots in the same patina. At $79.95 each they seem a bargain for the quality.

    T Mitchell
    Very Nicely Made Belt

    If you buy a pair of shoes in a color you don't currently have, it's a good idea to buy the same colored belt at the same time. This is something that is difficult to do in most department stores, but really pulls together an outfit. I bought a wine shadow belt to match some wine shadow shoes. It is a very well made belt with high quality leather and really nice stitch density. Just like when sizing the shoes, Kostas really helped make sure I got the right sized belt.