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Paolo Scafora Art. 611 Norwegian Wingtip Oxford In Amarone Patina (50% Deposit)


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Important: This is a 50% Deposit of 650 Euros. The total price is 1300 Euros and the remaining 50% balance will be collected before the shoes are ready to ship.

The Paolo Scafora Art. 611 is a Wingtip Oxford in Amarone Patina Calf. Handmade in Italy in a 270 Chained Norwegian Stitch Construction on the DOOR Last and a Leather Sole.

The price includes free international shipping & lasted shoe trees.

REMINDER: This is a Crowdfunder and Pre-Order. If we reach the goal (in this case 2 Pairs) it will go in production. Delivery is usually 3-4 months.

  • Brand: Paolo Scafora
  • Origin: 100% Made in Italy
  • Art: 611
  • Style: Wingtip Oxford
  • Color: Amarone
  • Sole: Closed Channel Leather Sole
  • Protection: Metal Toe Tips
  • Construction: 270 Chained Norwegian
  • Last: DOOR

The DOOR Last has a generous instep and tight heel cup that hugs your feet. Unless you have wider feet or higher instep, we advise taking half a size down from your regular size. We strongly recommend reaching out to us to determine your best size.

It fits quite similar to Carlos Santos 316, 333, 397, 401 and 234 and slightly roomier than Crockett & Jones 337 and 373.

Take half a size down from your Saint Crispin's Classic and 1 Full Size from your regular Gaziano & Girling or Edward Green UK Size.

This is a Custom GMTO Product and does NOT qualify for returns or exchanges.

For an in-depth overview of our return & refund policy please refer to this page.

We are available at all times for any questions via the live chat or email at

Know Your Lasts
Last Q

Last DOOR: A Stunnning, elegant last that is a balanced mix of almond and medium round for the ultimate sophisticated look. The DOOR Last works best for contemporary shoes or shoes that need just a bit of extra on the toe. Very well fitting, spacious and comfortable, perfect for Split-Toe Derbies and more.

History, Right Under Your Feet

Every shoe that comes out of the Paolo Scafora Workshop comes with the family crest embossed in the leather sole.

A stunning detail like no other, which tells the brand's deep and rich history.

For Made To Order Shoes, the sole can even be customized or recolored to your specification.

The Noble Shoe Is Not Just A Shop, It Is An Experience

At The Noble Shoe, you will receive an unparalleled level of VIP Customer Service & Support.

We are not just salesmen, but instead have studied Traditional Bespoke Shoemaking and can answer all your technical questions.

We work with the best, family owned factories all over Europe to produce the best shoes possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Leathers Do You Use?

The Noble Shoe works with the best tanneries in the world and only uses Full Grain Leather. All our exotics are ethically sourced and come with the appropriate CITES Certification.

Some of the tanneries we work with are:

  • D'annonay
  • Du Puy
  • Charles F. Stead
  • Horween
  • Zonta
  • Ilcea
  • Weinheimer

Can Your Shoes Be Resoled?

The Construction of the shoe is one of it's most important aspects.

At The Noble Shoe we use a variety of constructions that depend on the design and intention of the shoes.

Regardless of the construction, all of our shoes are recraftable and resoleable. We can also offer recrafting at the original factory to ensure the best hands work on your pair.

Most of our shoes use the following constructions:

  • Goodyear Welted
  • Premium Blake Stitched
  • Handwelted
  • Chained Norwegian Stitched

If you have specific questions about a shoe, don't hesitate to email us.

How Do I Find My Sizing?

Finding your sizing in a new brand can be tricky, however we are experts in this field due to our extensive knowledge of most brands.

To find your size, you would need to use (or provide us with) your average dress shoe size.

The next step would be to look at the description and sizing advice of the shoes you are looking at. Many of our shoes have generous sizing and require half a size down.

Each shoe has an individual sizing advice tab in its description, or you can even refer to our in-depth guide. We strongly recommend that you email us or use the live chat function for advice.

Measurements, Brannock Devices and Sneakers do not help. Sneakers are wildly inconsistent, while measurements and tracings are required for Bespoke and Made To Measure items.

What Is Your Return Policy?

The Noble Shoe has a very flexible 14 Days Return Period for items in stock.

Very often, we travel or something happens with our lives and we forget. As long as it is within reason, we will not refuse a return due to the time.

To return a pair of shoes, they need to be in excellent condition without signs of wear and creasing and with all the original accessories and packaging. We strive to provide high end quality items and care for the experience that the next person will have.

For verification, we will ask you for 1-2 pictures to showcase the condition of the uppers and the sole and then we can proceed with your return.

For returns or exchanges, we charge a one time fee equal to the shipping label cost which is usually around $40 USD.

Custom Made Items (Single MTO, Patina Service, Group Made To Order) from Carlos Santos, Enzo Bonafe, Paolo Scafora, Crockett & Jones and items on clearance are final sale and cannot be returned or refunded.

All shoes are quality controlled before shipping, but if something happens or you notice a defect, we consider it our duty to help you and resolve the issues.

For a detailed guide on our return policy please refer here.

Are You Really A Shoemaker?

The Noble Shoe is not about sales, but passion.

When I started this brand, I loved shoes and my dream was to become a Bespoke Shoemaker.

I studied Bespoke Shoemaking at one of the best schools in the world: Stefano Bemer Bespoke in Florence (Italy).

A fully handmade shoe can take anywhere between 60-100 hours to produce, with the true definition of handmade and tradition.

Understanding what goes into a shoe and why is a key element to reply to all your technical questions.

There are very few remaining online stores that have the competence and knowledge that The Noble Shoe has.

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