A New Exciting Partnership

The Maftei Family has been making Bespoke Shoes for 3 Generations since 1925. Legendary Shoemaker Alexandru Maftei is creating traditional, exclusive, fully handmade shoes on individual lasts created for each customer.

The Noble Shoe is proud to be an Official Retailer for Maftei Vienna's Ready-To-Wear and Made-To-Order Shoes Worldwide. To express your interest please Email Us.


Initially from Romania, Mr. Maftei learned the art of shoemaking from his uncle in the 60's until he moved to Austria in the late 80's. He and his wife Lucia worked with Bespoke Shoemaker Rudolf Scheer & Soehne where he further honed his skills. They opened their first own workshop in 1996 in Vienna and since then he and his children continue to offer their exclusive shoemaking skills to international clients all over the world.

Made-To-Order For The Noble Shoe

Alexandru Maftei is one of the few remaining shoemakers that crafts even his Ready-To-Wear Shoes by hand. Hand-Welted, Hand-Lasted, Hand-Sewn. His signature model is a Seamless Wholecut with double-stitching, while he has mastered the Norwegian Stitching by Hand. The workshop has a very small production, focusing on meticulous quality over quantity. The result is a product that is both Exclusive and Limited.

You can select and customize your own shoe from the following selection:

  • Oxfords, Derbies & Norwegian Split Toes
  • Chelsea Boots
  • Victorian Boots
  • Monk Straps
  • Loafers
  • Special Models by Individual Agreement

After you choose your model, you can choose from 3 types of Shoe Construction:

  1. Wood-Pegged Traditional Austrian Construction
  2. Hand-Welted
  3. Double-Stitched Norvegese

The construction is one of the major things that affect the Price. There are also 3 available widths (7, 8, 9) to accommodate narrow, regular and wider feet.

Available Sizes

You can order sizes from EU 39-45/UK 5-11/US 6-12 with EU 46/UK 12/US 13 available on Request.

Choice Of Leather

Alexandru Maftei himself travels twice a year to the best tanneries in the world to select the best leathers. We can offer the finest Box Calf, Crust Leather, Suede & Kudu Leather while upon request you can order from a variety of stunning Exotic Leathers. Examples include:

  • Elephant Leather
  • Stingray
  • Porosus Crocodile (Best in the World)
  • Shark Leather
  • Ostrich

Russian Hatch Grain Leather

Maftei Shark Leather

Choose From 7 Lasts

The shape of your shoe is important. You have a choice of 7 different lasts to choose from. These range from a more round, casual last to elongated chiseled and soft square lasts.

  • C Last: A round casual Last
  • Alexandru Last: A balanced soft chiseled Last
  • 415 Last: An elongated almond shaped Last
  • 42 Last: A very soft-chiseled Last
  • 775 Last: A more classic round Last
  • 45 Last: A very chiseled pointy Last
  • 1415 Last: A soft square Last

Choose The Sole That Suits You

You can even customize your sole the way you want it. From a closed channel leather sole, to a closed channel waterproof Vibram sole or a city sole you will surely find something that suits you.

Maftei Sole

Accessories & Extras

Our Services extend to more than just shoes. You can request Patinas, Belts, Hand-Carved Shoe Trees and even a Seamless Lining for breathability and comfort. You can find the Prices in the Table Below.

Price List

Here you will find the Prices for Maftei Shoes available through The Noble Shoe.

Construction (Shoes) Price (In USD)
Wood-Pegged 1225$
Hand-Sewn 1400$
Double-Stitched (Goyser) 1670$
Seamless Wholecut (Hand-Sewn) 1799$
Extras Price (In USD)
Patina 119$
Standard Shoe Trees 69$
Hand-Carved Shoe Trees 119$
Initials 25$
Lining Price (In USD)
Seamless Lining (Pittards WR100) 115$
Regular Lining Included
Accessories Price (In USD)
Belt (Regular) 139$
Belt (Crocodile) 285$
Dust Bags Included
Shoe Box Included

For specific inquiries regarding exotic leathers and boots, please Email Us Here!

Enjoy some more photos!

 Maftei Chelsea

Maftei Shoes

Maftei Wingtip