A last is the most important component of shoemaking. It is the last that dictates the shape, the width and the conformity of each pair of shoes. Bespoke Shoemakers meticulously sculpture a piece of wood that is unique to your foot, to achieve perfection and ultimate comfort.

Each Brand has its own style and elements when it comes to their lasts. It is then important to understand and visualize the characteristics and make a more educated choice in the RTW world.

Carlos Santos

Here are some of our lasts from Carlos Santos with a picture comparison and additional information. For ZEB Shoes MTM last information please refer here.

Currently, The Noble Shoe offers 10 different lasts each with its own style and properties. Let's take a closer look:

Last 234: A very soft chiseled last with good arch support and slightly generous instep. Might feel slightly roomier around the toes. Recommended to size down half from your regular UK Size. If you are between two sizes, choose the smaller one. If your shoes on this last have shearling, take your regular UK.
Last 316: A very slightly elongated, soft almond last. Quite comfortable with normal instep. Considered a tad roomier and would advise Half a Size down from your TTS UK Size.
Last 333: A classic round last found on the Wingtip Boot. Comfortable and little wider, you should Size Down Half from your regular TTS.
Last 362: The Penny Loafer last has an elegant rounder shape. Regular width but for a snug fit prefer to Size Down Half from your regular TTS.
Last 387: A chiseled last with a soft square toe shape. Has a normal instep and regular width. Fits (comfortably) snug and would advise your regular TTS UK Size.
Last 389: The 389 is exactly like the 387, with the only difference that it is mounted on Handgrade models with a closed channel sole.
Last 397: A gently elongated soft chiseled last. It is the widest fit of Carlos Santos. I would advise sizing half a size down from your regular TTS UK.
Last 401: The 401 is has an almond shaped toe. It has a regular width normal arch support and higher instep. It is recommended to size down half from your regular TTS UK Size.
Last 445: New Last that looks like Edward Green's 82. Fits very similar to the 401 so Size Down Half from your regular TTS.
Last 462: New Soft Square Last that is very true to size and snug. Take it True To Size.

Reminder: The Noble Shoe displays everything in UK sizes. Please size down 1 full size from your regular US size or use the converter from EU numbers.

Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones is an iconic British Shoemaker. Currently The Noble Shoe offers 5 different shoes on 4 different lasts. Let's take a look at them:

Last 325: A Medium Round last found mostly on Loafers (Cavendish) and the Coniston. Fits rather true to size but is spacious at the front. Size down half if you have less voluminous feet.
Last 336: A Blunt Square Toe with shorter length. Take your True To Size UK.
Last 337: A handgrade soft square last that is slightly softer than the 348 and fits similar to that last.
Last 363: The 363 is a handgrade last with a soft round toe and considered one of their best fitting lasts. A slimmer back offers less heel slippage and good arch support. Fits TTS and similar to the 341, 360 and 236.
Last 373: A handgrade sharp chiseled elegant last with a closer heel clipping and good arch support. Fits rather TTS and slightly more generous than the 348.

Paolo Scafora

Since Paolo Scafora is a rather new brand for The Noble Shoe, the sizing recommendations will be constantly updated! Generally, they tend to run roomier and half a size down from your TTS will work fine.

Last DOOR: A roomier last with generous instep. Take half a size down from your regular TTS. Take the same size as your Carlos Santos 401/316.
Last VOLA: Great fitting almond last. Take the same size as your Carlos Santos 401/316 or size down half from your regular UK.
Last Q: Seems to fit snug with a sharp soft square toe. Normal Instep. Fits True To Size on the Wholecuts.
Last R: Great Almond/Round Last. Generous fit so size down half from your regular UK.

My Sizes

Generally, if you have dress shoes with regular width, this is probably your normal Carlos Santos size. If your wear Carmina Rain/Simpson, Cheaney, TLB Mallorca or Crockett & Jones take your regular sizes. Size down half a size from Gaziano & Girling or Edward Green.

There are some exceptions however, varying for each manufacturer. Here are my personal shoes for an easier comparison.

  • Carlos Santos 234: UK 7.5 (UK 8 with shearling)
  • Carlos Santos 387/389: UK 8 (Perfect fit)
  • Carlos Santos 401: UK 7.5 (Perfect fit)
  • Carmina Rain: UK 8 (Good fit)
  • Project TWLV: UK 7 (Good fit)
  • TLB Mallorca Artista: UK 8 (Good fit)
  • Cheaney 107: UK 8 (Good fit)
  • Heinrich Dinkelacker Buda: UK 7 (Snug)
  • Loake Jockey: UK 7 (Unbearable but was wrong size)
  • Loake Capital: UK 8 (Comfortable)
  • Crockett & Jones 348: UK 8 (Perfect fit)
  • Crockett & Jones 325: UK 8 (Perfect fit)
  • Meermin HIRO: UK 8 (Snug)
  • Paolo Scafora R/DOOR/VOLA: UK 7.5 (Perfect fit)
  • Paolo Scafora Q: UK 8 (Good fit)
  • Passus 2000: UK 8.5 (Snug)
  • Antonio Meccariello Chisel 2/Soft Square: UK 8.5 (Good fit)
  • Saint Crispin's Classic: UK 8 (Good fit)
  • Gaziano & Girling Deco/TG73: UK 8.5 (Good fit)
  • Allen Edmonds Park Avenue 65: US 9D (Good fit)

It is always worth at least getting your Brannock measurements or having a point of comparison if you are unfamiliar with the brand. However, for any questions please contact us!