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Rubber City Sole Inserts And Vibram Heel

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Add Protection To Your Leather Sole!

Working with a traditional cobbler in Stockholm, we can now install Rubber City Soles on your Shoes!

The Inserts have a 1.5 mm thickness and a complimentary Vibram Heel. Great for those of you that:

  • Want to extend the life of your sole
  • Want better grip
  • Find Leather Soles more slippery
  • Need a durable but thinner alternative to Dainite

Installing the inserts takes approximately 2-3 business days and then your order will be shipped immediately. You can also choose to purchase only the Rubber Insert without the Vibram Heel Pad.

Simply select your preference from the drop down menu!

Important! Metal Toe Tips are sold separately and not included in this price!

IMPORTANT! This is a product custom modification and is NOT returnable after you install these! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Abraham Mathew

Recently bought an Adelaide Oxford and added the Rubber City Sole Inserts and the Metal Tip. Most of my walking is on cement and I found the rubber sole and heel to provide good grip and comfort/cushion. The bottom of the shoe looks really nice (although I am the only one that will likely every see it.) I added a shoe tree to complete the order. All in all, great purchase and addition to the shoe. Thanks Kostas.

patrick treanor
Perfect fit

Lovely shoes and great service.

Mansour Alwabari
Meticulously done

Worth every penny.the best job I’ve seen

Great upgrade

This should be seen as a great upgrade for all shoes for anyone who lives in the north.
Anyone living in rainy and snowy climates with dirt roads, mud, salt and gravel should replace their leather soles with these inserts. I live in the north in a city but I notice I find myself walking on terrain such as these all the time. If you are a beginner, don't be afraid to add these to all your shoes that would otherwise come with leather soles, that is what I will personally be doing in the future.
They will not decrease comfort as much as you'd expect compared to traditional leather soles, the rubber sole industry has come a long way today. In fact, they become very comfortable after the initial break in.
Here it seems the ground will always be wet, this or other rubber soles will simply be a superior choice for anyone living in wet climates in the north.

For the winter though, I recommend getting boots with a proper commando sole. No dainite, city, or any other sole will be able to give you the grip needed as a commando sole does on ice and snow, but that is another discussion. These function well on all other weathers.
An upgrade you won't regret adding to your shoes.