The Noble Shoe

Metal Toe Tips


Extend the life of your sole!

A leather sole wears out the fastest on the front of the toe. It is quite normal due to the way we walk and the pavements we walk on.

A Metal Toe Tip is not a necessity, however it prolongs the life of your sole greatly. The Noble Shoe has partnered with a local traditional cobbler with decades of experience to install Metal Toe Tips perfectly for you in just 3-5 business days.

Please refer to the photos for a closer look of the finished product!

IMPORTANT! This is a product custom modification and is NOT returnable after you install these!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Marcel Parent
Job Well Done

I installed on my boots some metal tips and it helps to protect the boots.

Metal toe tip

Metal toe tip makes your shoes looked more upscale, but if you walk on smooth stone floor, it makes your steps slippery. I only wear it one day so far, maybe I still have to get use to it.

Leonard Vernon
Great Flush Fitting Toe Plates

Had the Noble Shoe add Triumph toe plates to a pair of Carlos Santos oxfords. Very outstanding craftsmanship, much nicer than my local cobbler. Not cheap at $US but worth the price.

David Rooney
Metal toe tips

I think this is a worthwhile addition to protect the front of the sole and they also look great into the bargain. Happy😊..Thank you Kostas, nice as always.

William Taylor
A Noble Shoe Should Always Show it's Metal

I've only just recently entered the fascinating world of luxury shoes and therefore I didn't know about metal shoe tips. I think they're a fantastically practical way of extending the life of a person's shoes, for me, what I like about them is that they add a lot of character quality and elegance to the sole and overall and greatly enhances the whole asthetic of the shoe, bu more importantly the practical aspect of metal shoe tips is they protect the part of the shoe that usually wears out first extending the life of your shoe and at the same time saving you money on shoe repairs, what a wonderfullly novel addition to protecting and enhancing luxury shoes I'm almost enchanted by the effect metal shoe tips have on the overall asthetic of the shoe and I'll be having them fitted on all the shoes I buy from now on, yes I highly recommend anyone buying quality shoes to invest in metal shoe tips