Crockett & Jones Large Black Rosenwood Brush

400 kr

Polish Your Shoes With The Perfect Horsehair Brush

Polishing and taking care of your shoes is as important as using shoe trees. You always want your shoes to look their best whether it is a casual or formal occasion.

A Horsehair Brush is vital to not only remove dust, particles and dirt but to also buff the polish and wax you use to revitalize and condition your smooth calf leather.

This particular brush comes from the famous British Shoemaker Crockett & Jones. It is made from Rosewood with a very nice handle and High Quality Horsehair in Black. The length of the brush is 21 cm (approximately 8.25").

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Candido G
Buy a high quality brush ( 21cm).

Correct support and delivery.
Very good shopping experience.
A brush (21cm) is mandatory for cleaning and polishing tasks.
Its size facilitates the performance of care

A must-have essential for all beginners and connoisseurs

For anyone who wants to take care of their leather shoes, this brush is a must-have essential. Do not miss out.
It is the best brush I have got and I haven't been using my cheaper brushes after I got this one. I have tried. The bigger size makes brushing your shoes so much easier, do not get a smaller one! I started with cheap small ones, then moved to the 20€ range and then finally tried this one. It is a great investment, you won't regret sinking in some more money into this one, real quality of life changer, very well worth its price. The grip is great, making it easy to brush the shoe in any direction. Try this yourself and compare it with a smaller one with a handle and you'll see why.
If I could go back in time, I'd skip completely other brushes and invest directly into this one.