ZEB Shoes is one man's expression of a passion for high quality shoes.

Zeb is made in a small workshop where they manufacture some of the best MTM Shoes for the price. They will work with you to make sure you get the best possible fit and results.

They will guide you through the measurements process and you will discuss what you want to create. You will choose one of the 6 different lasts that can be modified and then the type of leather you want to use.

Honestly, anything is possible! From luxurious premium Horween Shell Cordovan to regular calf and exotics, ZEB Shoes can source any type of leather you want from the best tanneries in the world.

Additionally, you can request a matching MTO Belt to go with your new shoes. Each pair comes with a custom box and dust bags.

I urge you to check out more of his work on his Instagram Page.

The Process

It is rather simple. After you decide what kind of shoes you want, send us an email at info@thenobleshoe.com with the subject "ZEB MTM" and a description of your request. Of course, the more details you can provide the better!

We will then contact you as soon as possible with the price. After confirmation and payment of the invoice we will proceed with your order. We suggest wire transfer for faster service.

Sit back, enjoy a drink and before you know it, you will have an amazing pair of new custom shoes.

ZEB Shoes Pricing Template

A MTM Shoe is unique because you make the choices. This means that little things can affect the price of each model such as the tannery, quality of the leather and amount of hide. The following is a general price guide for all the base models from ZEB Shoes.

Please Note that this is reference pricing and can vary depending on the constructions and chosen details.

Type Suede Calf Horsehide Shell Cordovan
Shoes €420 440 460 €690
Boots €450 470 490 €890
Wholecut Loafers €420 440 460 690
Chukkas 430 450 470 €750
Jodhpurs 450 470 490 €890

Additionally, Boots can be customized with bi-materials with Shell Cordovan bottom uppers and calf/horsehide/suede shaft for €770. Shoes and Loafers over US 9 in Shell Cordovan will cost €700.

All prices are in Euros.

Shipping Rates

ZEB Shoes offers:

  • 20€ flat fee for EU customers
  • 50€ flat fee for US/Canada customers (including insurance)
  • 57€ flat fee for Singapore

ZEB Shoes Lasts

Here you can see the 6 different lasts currently on offer.

ZEB Shoes Lasts

From Left to Right:

  • Portofino: A sharp chiseled last for stylish designs. Dons the name of the beautiful Italian town.
  • Cortina: An elongated last with a soft square toe. Cortina is a famous town in the Dolomite mountains (but also an iconic Ford vehicle!).
  • Stelvio: An elegant round last. Tighter in the toe and slightly elongated. Named after the most famous European pass at 2757m altitude.
  • London: A round (very) elongated last. Size down or ask us for advice. Guess where it got its name from!
  • Pordoi: A perfect balance of elongation and roundness with a little flatter toe area. Named from the Pordoi Mountain pass with an altitude of 2239m.
  • Dolomiti: A classic round last, perfect for lovers of English classic and country shoes. Quite spacious in the toes. The name comes from the Italian mountain range.

Zeb Shoes Cordovan Brogue Boots

Contact Details

For inquiries, details and general information you are welcome to:

Photo Material

Enjoy some of ZEB's Creations!