Carlos Santos Patina Service For The Noble Shoe


Introducing the Carlos Santos Patina Service

Announcement: Due to Covid, Restrictions and overload, there are currently small delays on the Patina Service. Please expect around 8 weeks turnaround.

It is finally time for The Noble Shoe to proudly introduce the famous Carlos Santos Patina Program. A flexible Made To Order (MTO) Service that lets you choose and customize your shoes with a plethora of options.

You get to choose from 18 Different Styles in certain lasts and make ups and then you apply the Patina Color of your choice. The available Basic Colors are 12 but extend up to 20 for special requests. The options are endless with amazing colors of all spectra and hues.

As soon as you make your selection and pick a size, we send a notice to the Carlos Santos Factory in Portugal where the hand-painting begins. It usually takes between 4-6 weeks depending on the season and volume of work until your pair is finished.

Hand Painted Unique Patinas

The Shoes are originally produced in their undyed "crust" leather. After the order is placed they begin to Hand Paint your pair with the color of your choice. Due to the fact that this is a Hand Painted process, each pair will have slight differences in hue and variations. It is important to note that those are NOT imperfections rather than unique "bespoke" characteristics. No pair by Carlos Santos will ever be exactly the same, giving you this personal feeling.

Of course, this also means that your pair will vary slightly from the color in the pictures.

18 Different Styles

There are so many options to choose from! From timeless classics to elegant modern designs and casuals. You can order from UK 5 up to UK 12 including Half Sizes. Please check the sizing tab for quick conversions to US and EU sizes. Here is the full list of models with their lasts:

  • 6942 Double Monk Strap - 401 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 6307 Single Monk Strap401 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 7201 3 Eyelet Derby401 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 8627 Classic Oxford401 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 7273 Wingtip Brogue - 316 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 9381 Classic Derby - 397 Last with Dainite Rubber Sole
  • 6903 Wholecut  - 401 Last with Single Leather Sole 
  • 7991 Chukka Boot - 401 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 4125 Jodhpur Boot - 401 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 7902 Chelsea Boot - 401 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 7902 Chelsea Boot (Only in Black) - 401 Last with Dainite Rubber Sole
  • 8922 Wingtip Boot - 333 Last with Grain Uppers and Dainite Rubber Sole
  • 8866 Jumper Boot - 234 Last with a Commando Sole 
  • 9176 Penny Loafer - 362 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 4210 Tassel Loafer - 1944 Last with Single Leather Sole
  • 8894B Sneaker - 317 Last with Rubber Sole
  • 9617 Sneaker - 349 Last with Rubber Sole
  • 9246 Woven Sneaker - 349 Last with Rubber Sole

Up To 20 Different Patina Colors

The usual colors of the Patina Program are 12, but there are some special colors that are available on request. Here you will find a list of all of them with a short description. For a better look on the colors, please look at the picture with the swatches and a few reference models.

  • Algarve - a Rich Mid-Brown Color
  • Alentejo - a Deep Red Cherry Color
  • Barraida - a Red Color with Brown Hues
  • Bosco - a mixture of Deep Brown with Olive Tones
  • Bordo Shadow - True Dark Burgundy
  • Braga - a rich Cognac Color
  • Black Shadow - a Pure Black Color
  • Coimbra - a very Dark Brown Color with hints of Medium Brown
  • Douro - a shade of Tan with Orange/Red Hues
  • Guimaraes - a Dark Brown Color with hints of Chestnut
  • Florest Shadow - an Olive Green based Color
  • Noir Shadow - a Black Color with hints of Dark Charcoal Grey
  • Light Norte - a Mid-Blue Color with some hints of Navy
  • Norte - a Navy Blue Color
  • Petro Shadow - a shade of Blue with a hint of Teal/Cyan
  • Sintra - a rich Dark Green Color
  • Taupe - a lighter shade of Coffee Brown
  • Tejo -  a Grey Color with Darker Tones
  • Violet - a rich Dark Purple Color
  • Wine Shadow - Burgundy and Brown Tones

Matching Patina Belts

If you wish, you can also Request a Matching Patina Belt for your shoes! It is under the Accessories Tab in the Main Menu!

Information About Sizing & Lasts

You can read everything about Our Lasts Here.

As a quick note, most lasts available on the Patina Program tend to fit large and you should size down half your regular Carmina Rain, TLB Mallorca, Meermin Hiro and Park Avenue or C&J sizing. Size down one 1.5 full size from your regular US size! Of course do not hesitate to contact us for information and advice.

Take an 1.5 size down from your regular US size on the 316, 333, 397 Lasts. Also take 1.5 size down on the Jodhpurs, Boots, Monks & Chukkas on the 401 Last and 234 Last.

Taking Care of your Patina Shoes

For beginners we recommend using a gentle Neutral Polish or Wax such as the Saphir 1925 Neutral 02. Do not over-polish and always use cedar shoe trees after use. Do not dry next to heat sources and never leave your shoes under direct sunlight. The leather will dry and crack. Store them in a nice cool area and preferably in their dust bags.

You can order your polish and wax through The Noble Shoe in the Accessories & Shoe Care Menu.

Of course, all Carlos Santos Shoes come with a high quality box, black dust bags and a branded shoe horn.

Return Policy on the Patina Service

Since this is a special Made To Order just for you, unfortunately Returns are not accepted for the Patina Service. For very special situations please contact us by email!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Endesnson Mendez

Carlos Santos Patina Service For The Noble Shoe

Derrick Grant
The Noble Shoe Store is a High Level Experience

If you are into luxury shoes and like bang for your buck Carlos Santos and the Noble Shoe Store is the way to go. They treat you like you expect to be treated when you buy 5000.00 dollar shoes but the cost is the same as or less than Allen Edmonds. The owner actually called me about the fit! Incredible company!

Gardenier Ware, Sr
Beautiful Shoe Design

The 8627 Classic Oxford is a great style design using the 401 last which is very elegant. The wine shadow patina is beautiful

Took a bit longer than expected but very good customer service.

Took quite a bit longer than the initial estimate to arrive but given the times we are living in, it is forgivable and not the fault of The Noble Shoe. Kostas provided excellent customer service and updated me on the order once it became clear that it was going to take longer than expected. Will be buying through The Noble Shoe again.

Dr Raoul
Great 3 eyelets Derby

Very happy with my purchase. Exactly what I was expecting. At first try, very comfortable.
Can't wait to rock them and take advantage of its versatility. Don't regret the extra time waiting due to covid. Thanks to Kostas for the communication.